7 Steps to Your Access Database

Our process is different because we focus on designing your MS Access Database around your unique business workflow so it fits your business like a glove. Our team learns how you operate and builds a database that works as you do. Start by getting a free consultation and quote.

#1 Free Consultation & Quote

During your free consultation, we will discuss your ideas, your needs, and review the samples you have. Then we will prepare an itemized flat-rate price quote based on your needs. The proposal will detail all the steps in creating your custom system and will include hour breakdowns of all the elements in the database.  Once you are happy with your quote then we will schedule your project.

#2 Mapping Your Workflow

A member of our design team will first map out your workflow. We’ll identify exactly what roles the database should play in your business workflow. It’s essential that we build your database around your business workflow so that your existing business rules and procedures are supported.

#3 Designing Your Database

A member of our Design Team will create a design based on your workflow. We will meet in person so you can see what your database will look like and give us feedback. We will refine the design until you are completely happy with it. Post production, we can meet in person or online for updates or changes.

#4 Building & Coding

Next, we will use the design as a guide as our Development Team builds and codes your Access database. When finished, your database will look like your design with all the fields, tables and code in place and fully functional.

#5 Installing Your Database

We will install your database during onsite visits and make sure that everything is set up properly. Some of our clients choose to install themselves since it’s so simple but in most cases we do it for you during the onsite visit.

#6 Training

Once installed, we will train you on how to use your database. Most of our Access Databases are designed to be so simple that it takes less than half an hour to go through everything with you. Once the application is finished and since we already have seen mock-ups, there is not a lot of changes during the install process.

#7 Updates and Customization

If you find anything in your Access Database that is not working as it was designed in your mock-up, then we will make the needed corrections at no charge to you for as long as you own your database. We guarantee it will work as designed.