Database Development

The next step is to start developing the database application that now models your existing business operations

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Why Microsoft Access?

The question comes up often on why use Microsoft Access?  Microsoft Access has been the primary database in the office suite since 1991.

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Escaping Excel Dependency

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool within the Microsoft 365 suite. With the ease of starting workbooks, it’s easy to gravitate to using Excel due

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Existing Database

Do you currently have a Microsoft Access database that needs attention?

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About Us

Service First Consulting

Service First Consulting is a Microsoft Access consulting company that specializes in assisting companies with time and process improvements, specifically, with data information management. We are more than a database development company because it starts with how you use information and how that information flows throughout the company. We meet with key placeholders to find inefficiencies with how information flows through your company and look for things such as duplication of data, excessive dependence on spreadsheets and information stop-gaps that may hinder the way you conduct business. 

Since 1998, Service First Consulting has been serving the Twin Cities Metro Area by assisting you with any or all aspects of the database development process, from process analysis to database design and development to implementation, training, and documentation. We believe that it is important to involve the customer in every step of the database development process. It is more than just building a custom database application but first understanding how you do business.

Case Studies

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