Case Studies

Case Studies

Service First consulting has developed a wide range of applications over the years.  Below are just a couple case studies from some of these projects

Target Corporation

Target was tasked to open several stores over a short period of time.  During this unique situation, they had no in-house application that could manage these store openings.

Service First had a fully custom solution built within 3 months.  Below are just a few of the screen shots from this project. The database covered general store information, engineering specifications, financial forecasting, and grocery segments to just name a few.

Real Seal Asphalt

Real Seal is an asphalt repair business.  They were managing their customers and jobs using spreadsheets and paper documentation.  Their process was cumbersome and time consuming as they had no real way of managing their business operations.

 Service First worked with Real Seal and after studying their business operations, developed a system that now allows them to enter all customers and the various job details into one database.  The new process is now nearly paperless and now provides calendar formats to display customers and jobs

Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete

Mike Hage Distinctive Concrete had no real automated method to track customers and jobs. They had tried various programs but could not find a solution that matched their business processes.

Service First worked with the business to first understand how customers and projects flowed within the organization.

Service First offered a simplified customer screen and a variety of custom fields that allowed accurate data-entry of jobs for all customers. The database tracked job description, labor, materials, and miscellaneous costs for all customer jobs.

Another Microsoft Access solution that provided the immediate needs of the customer without redundant or features that were not needed and that are found in most shrink wrap applications.

These are just a few of the examples we have done over the years.  See our process of building applications as your system will be unique to your company operations.